Companion not machine

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Companion not machine

Man has been inventing and refining machines since ages. A simple machine like hand axe dates back to 5000 years. We have been in constant touch with these machines to aid or complete a simple task of digging to a complex task of landing on the moon.

Man and machine have come a long way from a master slave relationship. In no time we will witness the idea of machines being smart, responsive and emotional. Humanoids like Sophia, autonomous cars, neural interfaces are examples of a new era for man and machine relationship.

Public and private transportation ecosystem is our silent companion which helps us move around. Personal vehicle will set one of the first examples of a ‘companionship’ between man and machine. They will transform from ‘one that I drive’ to ‘one who knows me’. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence will pave the way to redefine personal mobility. The advent of batteries, charging systems and motor drives, we can reimagine the vehicles to be not only electrically driven but significantly connected to internet and other devices.

Personal vehicles can be made to understand your personality and be your companion. Riding pattern records, health monitor, mood register, shopping pattern, location tags, self awareness and self service are some of the few characteristics that will largely influence the upcoming genre of electric vehicles.

Our personal vehicles will be an integral part of our lifestyle. They will help us, not only, to take better decisions but will accompany us to be more healthy, creative, mindful and happy.