Refuel your ride anywhere

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Refuel your ride anywhere

In countries, where vehicle to gas station ratios are high, waiting in queue and taking a detour to refuel are accepted as part of the vehicle ownership experience. Wherever you are, visiting a gas station is a ritual that no vehicle owner can escape. It has become so commonplace that we fail to comprehend the time and energy we spend just to refuel.

Fortunately, with the advent of EVs, refuelling/recharging experiences are up for a big change. There are fundamental differences between gas station and EV charging station. Supply of fuel to the gas station is through fuel tankers travelling long distances from the fuel depot. The whole process of filling the storage tank and maintenance of the station are resource, infrastructure and time intensive and not to mention, the risk factor of storing highly flammable liquid in huge quantity. Whereas, for electric charging station, electric transmission networks are already in place or at least they are easily accessible and they are much safer and less expensive to construct and maintain.

In fact, EV charging stations, unlike gas stations, can be installed at your residence, office, restaurants, supermarkets and parking lots. Virtually, any place with a parking space and electric connection are potential location for EV charging station. Therefore, charging station network can be expanded exponentially in a short time.

Sometimes, resistance to change is in the mind. Let’s imagine that we are living in a parallel universe where we have to power our electronic devices like our mobile phones and laptops with fuel and for refuelling we have to go to a designated station. We see how inconvenient the ownership experience will be. We sometimes don’t appreciate how convenient it is to recharge our devices ‘anywhere’. When vehicles become smarter and become one of your ‘devices’, it will become even more apparent. And so it should.